Cover image: Painting by Hassan Vahedi.

Fragmentos de Memoria 

A bolero in honor of Julia de Burgos and Sylvia Rexach, composed for the NEA-funded concert Yo Cantaré: Women's Voices in Puerto Rican Music and Art (La Peña Cultural Center, November 2018).


Marina's notes: "In another universe, Julia de Burgos and Sylvia Rexach are in conversation–laughing, joyously creating, breaking boundaries. Poets, artists, revolutionaries: the legacy of these two Puerto Rican women travels across generations and reminds us of our own socio-political and cultural responsibilities. This piece begins with spoken passages from their poems–de Burgos’ Mi alma and Rexach’s Olas y Arenas; then, their words transport us into a sensuous, melancholy bolero, an imaginary conversation with these two rebel souls. Their voices resonate powerfully in a space in which fragments of memory give life to reality and history."

Performers: Marina Romani (composer, voice), Hector Lugo (maracas), Roman "Ito" Carrillo (bongos), Pedro Pastrana (guitar).

Photo: Guillermo Rivas.

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