Marina Romani (she/her/they/them) is a multimedia writer and artist, translator, educator, cross-cultural communication expert, and performer of Western classical music and Afro-Caribbean music. She holds a PhD in Italian Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Film Studies from UC Berkeley.

Marina taught courses on language, cinema, literature, music, writing and research, and critical thinking at UC Berkeley and SF State. She developed and taught original curricula that integrate culture and language teaching with music and artistic performance. She presented her original research at international conferences in Europe and in the US (Yale, NYU, University of Southern California, King’s College London, UCLA, among others). She was the recipient of fellowships and scholarships from the Townsend Center for the Humanities, the UC Berkeley Arts Research Center, the Berkeley Language Center, among others.  

Since 2016, she has held the position of Resident Scholar and Expert for the UN Women’s Global Voices Film Festival (Lucasfilm Premier Theater, San Francisco). She is also a music and culture critic, and serves as a contributing writer for the San Francisco Opera.


She resides between Italy and and the Bay Area, California. 






Dr. Marina Romani è insegnante, traduttrice, scrittrice, artista multimediale ed esperta di comunicazione interculturale.


La sua carriera accademica e professionale si è svolta tra UK e USA. Ha conseguito un PhD in Italian Studies presso la University of California, Berkeley e un MA in Comparative Literature presso il King’s College London.


Ha presentato le sue ricerche nelle istituzioni più prestigiose di Stati Uniti ed Europa (Yale, UCLA, New York University, tra le altre), ha tenuto corsi di lingua e cultura (storia, politica, cinema, letteratura, scrittura e ricerca, critical thinking) a studenti provenienti da 20+ paesi nel mondo al Berkeley International Study Program in California. Inoltre, ha lavorato come esperta linguistica e culturale in aziende della Silicon Valley. È specializzata in traduzione ed editing, cross-cultural communication, coaching and training in general and business English, public speaking.

Al momento, Marina vive tra l'Italia e la California.



Marina holds a PhD in Italian Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Film Studies from UC Berkeley and an MA in Comparative Literature from King's College London.

A native of a tiny rural village in Abruzzo, Italy, Marina earned her Laurea Triennale (BA) in Languages and Cultures at Università Roma Tre (Rome, Italy) and later moved to the UK to pursue her MA. 

​Marina was the North America Editor of from 2007 to 2015, reviewing operas in Europe and in the United States and interviewing international artists. 


She was copyeditor of the peer-reviewed academic journal California Italian Studies (2011 - 2017). She also acted as a localization specialist and music expert at a Fortune-100 technology company in Cupertino, CA (2015 - 2016).


As a language and culture expert and educator, Marina taught courses on cinema, literature, and music at UC Berkeley, and she developed and taught original curricula that integrate culture and language teaching with music and artistic performance.


Marina was part of the organizing committee of the First International Conferences on Film and Media at UC Berkeley, and collaborated with the senior curators at the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive. She has conducted historiographical research on a wide range of cultural expressions, from sound in post-Katrina New Orleans to folk music in Southern Italy.

With a background in both Western classical music and Afro-Caribbean music, Marina performs extensively as a solo singer in both Europe and the US. She's part of Bay Area-based performance and education ensemble Aguacero and of son jarocho group DíaPa'Son.



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