I offer teaching, writing, translation, cultural and cross-cultural consulting services across a variety of media. I specialize in fields including film, music, poetry, literature, history, critical thinking, and cross-cultural communication.

I'm particularly passionate about teaching and developing unique language and culture lessons, programs, and curricula tailored to the needs and goals of each client. 

In all aspects of my work, I keep a special focus on intersectionality, anti-racism, multi-disciplinarity, and community-building.

Fore more information or collaborations, contact me:

marinaromaniphd AT gmail DOT com


Olivia Sears

Board President and Founder, Center for the Art of Translation 

Co-Founder, Two Lines Journal


Every time I’ve encountered Marina Romani, I’ve discovered a new area of expertise and passion that she possesses. When I first met her, she was a UC Berkeley educator organizing a conference to benefit students in the Humanities. Marina demonstrated obvious organizational prowess and an acute intelligence, but her demeanor was unfailingly approachable, inclusive, and generous. When I worked with her as a translator and editor, I welcomed her deep-seated analytical skills and sensitivity to tone and nuance in Italian, and I was delighted to find her linguistic skills just as honed in English. When I learned of her work in Afro-Caribbean music, I assumed her expertise was focused solely on this genre; then I stumbled across the numerous reviews of Western opera she’d published for the San Francisco Opera. (And it turns out her original specialization was film, little did I know). Marina’s broad knowledge and experience, her professionalism, her outstanding work ethic, and her warm personality make her an ideal collaborator, whether on creative cultural projects, educational enterprises, or corporate activities. I would trust her to organize a complex multi-disciplinary conference or to tease out the intricacies of poetic language. And, in fact, I have. Marina is a true treasure. 

Rossella Barry

Localization and Editorial Manager, LinkedIn

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Marina for several years on a number of different projects: from teaching undergraduate courses to collaborating on a vast number of research, editorial, and translation projects for the academic and tech sectors. Marina is one of those rare individuals who combines a rigorous work ethic and detail-oriented approach with brilliant creative insights. She pours all her energy into the projects she manages, drawing from her unique experience and multiple talents to create fascinating courses for her students and elegant, rich, thoughtful content for her translation and editorial clients. Throughout our years working together, Marina has always been adaptable, precise, intuitive, and fast in delivering impeccable results. She has been an asset to every team she worked with, and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her next.

Brenda Webster

President Emerita, PEN West

I have rarely encountered a professional in the field so intellectually curious and approachable as Marina. She collaborated with me as cultural and linguistic consultant for several projects, the most recent being my translation into English of the novel I Moncalvo (1908). Marina provided in-depth research and advice on historical, topographical, and linguistic aspects, paying attention to the richness of cultural nuances and making sure that my translation and interpretation of the text would be accurate and elegant. She revised the manuscript prior to publication and collaborated closely with my co-translator, going above and beyond. Her passion, attentiveness, and dedication to her work are unparalleled.

Valentina Lungu

Inside Sales Account Manager, Dell EMC

Marina is a very competent teacher, she motivated me a lot. She has an excellent method: patient, organized, passionate, and very professional. Thanks to Marina, I filled in the gaps in my linguistic knowledge and improved my business English. Perfect!

Wendy Savin

Senior Localization Producer, LinkedIn

I had the pleasure of working with Marina on Apple Music and iTunes localization projects. An outgoing, smart and enthusiastic contributor, she shows great diligence and genuine interest in her work. Collaborative, friendly and hard-working, she would be an incredible asset to any team.

My services include:

  • Translation (English < > Italian)

  • Cultural and cross-cultural consultation

  • Editing, copyediting, proofreading

  • Consultation on projects and events involving Italian culture 

  • Creation and development of lessons, curricula, and educational materials for private clients, schools, and institutions

  • Italian language, grammar, and conversation lessons (all levels)

  • General English and Business English lessons (all levels)


Previous and current clients include: 

  • San Francisco Opera

  • Teatro Regio di Parma

  • Dell EMC

  • Researchers and professors from Harvard, Penn, Brown, King’s College London, UC Berkeley, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Cambridge University (UK), Oxford University (UK), among many others.

  • Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive

  • United Nations’ Global Voices Film Festival

  • California Italian Studies (peer-reviewed academic journal)

  • Film Quarterly (peer-reviewed academic journal)

  • San Francisco Italian Cultural Institute

  • Independent professionals, students, scholars, artists

Fore more information or collaborations, contact me:

marinaromaniphd AT gmail DOT com