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English Language // Critical Thinking 



A language learning experience emphasizing


Improve your English fluency and grow your vocabulary while engaging in conversations about cross-cultural topics and with a variety of real materials in English - from contemporary podcasts to articles from widely respected media sources. 


By taking this course, you will:

- improve your English and grow your vocabulary

- be able to...

- be able to think and speak critically about contemporary topics that are crucial in order to navigate multicultural work and life environments.

10-hours course:

6 sessions of 1 and ½ hour each


2 half-hour individual coaching sessions


Small groups (2 to 4 participants)


Personalized feedback


Fee: €230


All materials provided by the instructor and accessible online

Extra-materials for practicing outside sessions

Prompts for homework, writing, self-reflection

Individualized feedback

Option of continuing with more advanced courses after completing the first 6-session course.


All courses require at least intermediate fluency in English (B1/B2). Before confirming your participation, we’ll have a short (15 minutes) conversation in English so that I can learn more about your goals, your availability, and make sure that these courses are a good fit for you. I’ll create each group according to each participant’s specific language level.


If you'd like to enrol in the course or need further information, feel free to contact me:


Phone / Whatsapp: +39 351 501 4777

Two different paths are available. If you're not sure which one best fits your goals, I'll be happy to help you decide.


This path is for those who aim to improve their English focusing on issues such as contemporary socio-cultural topics, discrimination, social justice, internalized prejudice.

Topics will include: social identities and systems of oppression, ableism, intersectionality, emotional labour, unconscious bias and internalized prejudice, how to do research and select sources.

This path is designed for: educators, scholars, researchers, university students, professionals from all fields who aim to improve their critical thinking skills.


This path is for professionals who want to focus on business and cross-cultural communication, intersectionality, cross-cultural understanding in the workplace.

Topics will include: cross-cultural communication, internalized prejudice, inclusiveness, leadership and management style, business presentation skills, storytelling, mindfulness, work-life balance.

Please note: these are content-based language courses. They are not specifically grammar courses. I will correct and help you improve your grammar and syntax, and we’ll address grammar points whenever necessary; but we will mainly focus on oral and written comprehension, pronunciation, fluency, conversation, idiomatic structures, vocabulary building, expressing our own perspective, tackling complex topics.

Rossella Barry

Localization and Editorial Manager


Marina is one of those rare individuals who combines a rigorous work ethic and detail-oriented approach with brilliant creative insights. She pours all her energy into the projects she manages, drawing from her unique experience and multiple talents to create fascinating courses for her students and elegant, rich, thoughtful content for her translation and editorial clients.

Olivia Sears

Board President and Founder, Center for the Art of Translation 
Co-Founder, Two Lines Journal

Every time I’ve encountered Marina Romani, I’ve discovered a new area of expertise and passion that she possesses. When I first met her, she was a UC Berkeley educator organizing a conference to benefit students in the Humanities. Marina demonstrated obvious organizational prowess and an acute intelligence, but her demeanor was unfailingly approachable, inclusive, and generous... Marina’s broad knowledge and experience, her professionalism, her outstanding work ethic, and her warm personality make her an ideal collaborator, whether on creative cultural projects, educational enterprises, or corporate activities. I would trust her to organize a complex multi-disciplinary conference or to tease out the intricacies of poetic language. And, in fact, I have. Marina is a true treasure.

Valentina Lungu

Inside Sales Account Manager

Dell EMC

Marina is a very competent teacher, she motivated me a lot. She has an excellent method: patient, organized, passionate, and very professional. Thanks to Marina, I filled in the gaps in my linguistic knowledge and improved my business English. Perfect!